Horseface Long Nose Loach - Acantopsis choirorhynchus

Horseface Long Nose Loach - Acantopsis choirorhynchus

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Care: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: Southeast Asia
Max Size:
Tank Size: 55gal
Purchase Size: 2-2.5"


Horseface loaches are an interesting and shy species of loach native to southeast Asia. This long and slender fish gets its less than flattering name from its long snout, which resembles a horse. The coloration of the horseface loach is overall tans, grays, and browns, with spots running in a strip horizontally across the body.     


Horseface loaches grow to about 8", and should be kept in an aquarium of 55 gallons or more. This shy bottom feeder prefers to be kept in a sandy substrate where it can sift for food as well as bury itself to hide from perceived threats. They don't do well in planted tanks, as they're likely to quickly uproot and unpotted plants. Horseface loach tankmates may include others of their species, other peaceful loaches, as well as most peaceful community fish.      


Horseface loaches will accept small flake and pellet foods, but will thrive on frozen or live options like brine shrimp. Due to their bottom feeding habits, it's important to ensure that adequate food makes it to the substrate.  


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