Jaguar Catfish

Jaguar Catfish - Liosomadoras Oncinus

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Region: Brazil
Max Size:
Tank Size: 50gal
Purchase Size: 2-4"  


The Jaguar catfish is a small to medium sized driftwood catfish native to the Amazon River basin of Brazil. They take their name from their black spotted appearance with tan to golden yellow base color, similar to the wild Amazonian jaguar. They've got a stocky short build with a wide head, with long barbels used to hunt for food in lowlight conditions.              


The Jaguar Catfish is a very hardy and easy to keep species that grows up to 8" long. It's recommended to keep them in small groups, though mature males may become aggressive with other males. Sex can easily be determined by looking at the anal fin. Jaguar Cats are internal fertilizers, with the female having a genital pore at the base of the fin, while the male has the genital pore at the end of the anal fin at the tip of what appears to be a thickened fin spine. The males have a nodule at the base of this structure where sperm is stored. They're a nocturnal species, though they can be coaxed out during the day with plenty of cover and lower light conditions. They're generally peaceful, but as with most catfish, they shouldn't be housed with species that are small enough to eat. They are also often territorial over their chosen daytime hiding spots, and make an almost froglike audible grunt as a warning that can be heard from across a room.             


Jaguar Cats, like most other catfish, aren't picky eaters, and will come out at night and hunt for any uneaten food with their sensitive barbels. It may be advisable to do a small feeding just for them at night, especially if they're housed with very thorough eaters.  

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