Green Phantom Pleco - L200 - Baryancistrus demantoides

Green Phantom Pleco - L200 - Baryancistrus demantoides

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Region: South America
Max Size:
Tank Size: 50gal


Green Phantom Plecos are a species of pleco native to the confluence of the Ventauri and Orinoco rivers in Venezuela. This unique species is notable for its yellow-green coloration and yellow spots around the head area.     


This variety of pleco grows to a much more manageable size of 6" than common plecos which grow to well over a foot long. They are hardy and peaceful, though they do prefer clean water, and may be territorial with other pleco species.  They are generally safe with live plants, making a great option for algae control in moderate sized tanks of 50 gallons or more.       


Green Phantom Plecos, juveniles especially, primarily consume algae found in the aquarium. As they approach adulthood, they become more omnivorous and will consume uneaten food off the aquarium floor. If there is insufficient algae present, it's recommended to offer them Algae Wafers or zucchini slices. As with other pleco species, it's important to supply driftwood for them to graze on.       

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