Gold Maxima Clam

Gold Maxima Clam (Large 5.5") - WYSIWYG

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Care: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Lighting: High
Flow: Medium


Gold Maxima Clams are truly a stunning species, and make an excellent centerpiece for any reef tank. They have highly variable patterning on their mantles, displaying different shades of golds, blacks, and browns. Like snowflakes, almost no two will look exactly alike. Their shells are generally a drab gray, and often get encrusted over time with coraline and other sessile invertebrates.         


Generally speaking, Maxima Clams can be treated similarly an LPS coral. They're photosynthetic, preferring high light, and low to moderate flow. High flow will blow their mantles around and disturb them. Though they're commonly sold at sizes as small as 2" or less, it's generally ill advised to purchase them this small. They ship poorly when young, and below 3", they rely much more heavily on filter feeding than photosynthesis. When happy, a Maxima Clam will have a fully extended mantle, be responsive to shadows and close up, have only a slightly open mouth, and show a quarter inch or more of fresh white shell growth along the edge.   


A mature Maxima Clam will get everything it need to survive through photosynthesis in the home aquarium, though some choose to supplement phytoplankton to increase growth rates. In specimens smaller than 3", these supplemental feedings are necessary. 

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