Clarkii Clownfish - Amphiprion Clarkii

Clarkii Clownfish - Amphiprion Clarkii

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Care: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Reef Safe: Yes
Max Size:
Tank Size: 30gal


Clarkii Clownfish are one of the hardiest and easiest to keep clownfish species in the aquarium hobby. These highly adaptable fish can be found in a massive range throughout the Pacific Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef, and west into the Arab Gulf, and use 10 different anemone species as hosts. Color varies from region to region, but usually displays varying amounts of yellow orange to deep chocolate brown.   


At a maximum size of 5.5", Clarkii Clowns are one of the largest and most active clownfish species, and should be kept in a slightly larger aquarium than most. They are considered semi-aggressive, and may become territorial in smaller tanks, especially during breeding. Like most clowns, once established, Clarkii Clowns are very durable fish with long lifespans, and make great beginner fish.   


Clowns typically aren't picky eaters, and will readily accept frozen, flake, or pellet foods. 

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