Auctions - FAQ, Rules & Turtorial



Q: If I win an auction is local pickup an option as well as shipping?

A:  Yes, we will ship via UPS priority overnight. We also offer local pick up at our Evansville location as well as Louisville location (local pickup may take 1-2 weeks if Louisville location).

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is a flat $39.99 for UPS priority overnight delivery for auctions/combined orders totaling $249 or less. Any combined orders/auctions over $250 ships free.

Q: I won 2 auctions but would like to add-on items from the website to achieve free shipping. Is this possible?

A: Yes, auction winnings can be added to the cart and then click the “continue shopping” link to add other items from the website to achieve free shipping. The bar at the top of the website has a countdown to show how much purchase is needed to achieve free shipping.

Q: Are the auction items WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)?

A: Yes, all auctions are the actual item you will receive.

Q: What happens if I want to “Buy Now” an auction but I want to possibly add more auctions winnings once all auctions end? Do I pay shipping twice?

A: No, you will only pay one shipping fee per shipment. What you would do is hit the “Buy Now” button on the item you want to end early and buy immediately. You would then check out and pay shipping once (or local pickup option if picking up local). Then if you win other auctions once auctions finish you would have a separate checkout for those items and select “local pickup” even though you are having them shipped because you already paid for shipping prior.


Q: Can you explain normal bidding vs. proxy bidding? I want to bid on items but won’t be available at the time an auction ends - can I still participate?

A: Yes, absolutely! Here is a run-down of from the developer on the differences in normal and proxy bidding.

You can now place a normal and a proxy bid using a single button on an auction. If the bid amount is greater than Bid Price + 2x (increment) then, it will be considered a proxy bid.

Example: If the current bid is $100 and the minimum increment is $10, then if the bidder places the bid for $120 (bid price + 2x increment) or more then it will be considered as a proxy bid for the auction. In the case the bidder bids less than $120 then it will be added as a normal bid.

 How does proxy biding actually work? Here is another example:

Suppose an auction starts with $10 as the starting bid. Now, a bidder A places a proxy bid of $20.
So, now the system will automatically start bidding from $10 up to $20 on the behalf of bidder A.

Now, if a bidder B comes to place a bid, he will see the current bid= $10. Suppose, Bidder B places a bid of $15. Then, he will be immediately outbid by bidder A with a new minimum bid of $16.

Thus to outbid bidder A, some other bidder has to place a bid of $21 or more.
Now, if bidder places a bid of $20 then it will be equivalent to bidder A’s maximum bid. But still, bidder A will be the highest bidder and the new minimum bid will become $21.


To participate in bidding, you must create an account on the website and be logged in to bid. A valid phone number and email is necessary to receive auction updates and notices. Any accounts with fake email or phone number will be removed and banned.

Auctions start Thursday and go through Sunday with auctions ending 2 minutes apart. Payment for winning auctions are due within 24 hours from end of auction so please be sure to pay promptly.

All Bids must be whole dollar amounts.

All winning auctions must be shipped out or picked up locally within 7 days end of auction.

All auction bids/sales are final.

Buy now option. Proxy and normal bid info.