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Care: Moderate
Temperament: Aggressive
Region: Manmade Hybrid
Max Size:
Tank Size: 75gal
Purchase Size: 4"


The Flowerhorn is a unique, beautiful, and often contentious fish notable for its bright coloration and huge nuchal hump, which is a bulbous fatty growth on the head of the males. These fish are a hybrid of various Central and South American cichlids bred in Asia, with their exact heritage unknown.  


Flowerhorns are very large fish, growing to a maximum size of 16 inches, and require an aquarium of 75 gallons or more. These highly aggressive cichlids are commonly kept in tanks by themselves, though they may be kept with other large similarly aggressive fish like Oscars that can hold their own. Despite this aggression, these highly intelligent fish are very personable and friendly with their human caretakers, often being likened to puppies. Flowerhorns love to dig, and will likely destroy and uproot aquarium plants and decor. As such, it's common to see them kept in sparsely decorated tanks with minimal or no substrate.  


Flowerhorns are big eaters, and can very easily be overfed due to their voracious appetites. They should be provided a balanced, high quality diet rich in proteins and vegetable matter such as high-quality pellet foods. 

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