Sentia Dose - Modular Aquarium Dosing - Secondary Add-on Unit

Sentia Dose - Modular Aquarium Dosing - Secondary Add-on Unit

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Sentia Dose Modular Aquarium Dosing Pump - Secondary Unit

The aquavitro Sentia Dose Modular Aquarium Dosing Pump - Secondary Unit is the future of reliable and accurate aquarium dosing. The dosing heads themselves boast a slim profile of just 2.625", feature a powerful perisaltic pump that can be fully controlled via the Sentia app and are compatible with both iOS and Android smartphone devices. The compact, modular dosing heads will rotate 360°, with 8 separate locking positions so you can mount the units in any orientation you would like. Additionally, whether you need 1 or 15 dosers you can easily connect these secondary units to the established primary unit simply by sliding the side panels into place, and an included mounting bracket makes organization a piece of cake. For safer dosing procedures, each individual dosing head can be colour coded with rings and hose clips to make supplement identification quick and accurate.

The Sentia App is the brains behind this impressive dosing pump. From this platform you can take full control of the multiple aquariums and devices, regulating things such as reservoir levels, custom scheduling, total volume, doses per day, emergency alerts and much much more. Various intuitive functions such as "Quick Adjust" allow for small, incremental changes to doses or the "Adaptive" function, which performs a water test and then accurately calculates the appropriate dosing levels and intervals to maintain optimal health in your aquarium. Another incredibly useful feature is being able to scan product barcodes (such as supplements and medications) and the App will automatically calculate and setup dosing based on your aquarium size.

Note:This is the secondary unit. It must be used with the Primary Unit of the Sentia Dose Modular Aquarium Dosing Pump.

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